What is World Health Organization definition/concept

The term Organization World Health refers to an institution to serve as a link between the different health institutions in the world. Thus, it serves as a kind of reference to explain the health situation in the most varied parts of the world, through an overview that tries to create and coordinate policies to solve problems globally. It depends on the United Nations and had its origins in the mid-twentieth century. At present, it is made up of several member states, which send delegates to participate in its formation. Thanks to the WHO it is possible to define joint policies on the treatment of problems that occur in the health area.

There are several situations at world level where the action of a set of countries can be decisive in solving problems. Given this perspective, WHO’s mission is undoubtedly of great importance. Thus, for example, data is collected from all member countries in order to gain knowledge about any type of problem that may affect the others. A clear example of this circumstance can be found in the development of a new disease or one that directly affects the  population of a country. It is important to have a quick knowledge of this experience to alert other dangerous situations. On the other hand, the WHO sets specific goals that mean progress in the aspect of health problems. World Health Organization

However, the role of WHO is not without controversy. In fact, its policies at certain levels address bioethical issues that not every  society shares, but which play such a centralized role that it can be a problem. Indeed, WHO stands out as a medical  authority that sets a standard for countries, not necessarily the most convenient. Currently, the role of WHO is increasingly important from a public and private political point of view with regard to the area of ​​health. Undoubtedly, this role will continue to be exercised in the same way for much longer and the controversy will continue. World Health Organization

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