What is Workplace definition/concept

The idea of ​​a workplace is applied in principle to the space that a work activity carries out. However, in some jobs, there is no specific place to carry out the tasks (let’s think about the police, the driver and the pastor). Consequently, the concept of work refers to the activity itself.

There are jobs that need to be done in a specific place. People who work in commerce, administration or in a specific place need places that are qualified and in real conditions to exercise the profession. The labor legislation requires the workstation to be in perfect conditions of safety and hygiene. These aspects are important for both the employee and the employer. Workplace

There are works in which the notion of physical place is irrelevant, as many jobs are performed itinerantly.

In recent years, there has been an authentic revolution in the valuation of what a job is. The emergence of new technologies allows the visualization of a new type of employment : telework. This is an approach that goes further, in which tasks are performed via a fixed or portable computer and therefore location is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the function given to the term. Let’s think about a traditional store that is slowly losing its place to online commerce. In it, consumers make their purchases without the need to move. Workplace

When talking about a job, one mentions a personal aspiration, the desire to join a profession. Unemployment rates are high in most countries, so getting a job is a problem. Faced with this circumstance, people who do not work seek ongoing training. In this way, there are the best conditions to get the desired post, where it becomes possible to obtain a salary and economic stability. Workplace

Decades ago, jobs were carried out throughout professional life and there were no substantial changes. The individual started as an apprentice or intern and would improve his qualifications until he consolidated in his new job, which usually lasted for many years. This situation is no longer usual, as the idea of ​​a job today is unstable and changes all the time. Workplace

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