What is Willpower definition/concept/elaboration

The human mind has several capacities, including: the understanding to understand, the imagination to project ideas and the will itself. The main idea of ​​the human will expresses the ability to face reality (problems, challenges and circumstances in life). Willpower

Usually the will concept is associated with another, the idea of ​​strength. Strength is a term in physics, but it can surpass the human being in a way that speaks of will power.

It is often said that a person has this condition when they have the energy and determination to face a personal challenge.

Under favorable circumstances, willpower plays no role. On the other hand, if we find ourselves facing a difficult situation, it is necessary to initiate an internal mechanism that will serve to combat this difficulty. And this mechanism is precisely willpower.

This ability has some features.

One of them is to take up the personal struggle against what has an opposing force (laziness or comfort act as inclinations contrary to willpower). On the other hand, constancy and determination are necessary, that is, not to be easily overcome in the face of any adversity , in addition to avoiding distractions or excuses, as both are aspects that can weaken the inner energy .

According to experts in human behavior , willpower is not a spontaneous or natural quality , but it may be possible to train it.

In any circumstance that will power is put into practice, there is a complementary mechanism: motivation. In this way, an energy or an inner force is activated from sufficient motivation, so we consider it a worthwhile project and we are willing to sacrifice for it.

Willpower has a certain spiritual component, as it cannot be measured in any way nor evaluated from an objective or scientific perspective (as with the intelligence that can be evaluated). Despite this, it is a concept that expresses human vitality, its ability to transform something and fight resignation .

Finally, we can say that it is an antidote to weakness, a tool to overcome obstacles and a strategy to achieve personal satisfaction.

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