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There have always been leaks of information that, for one reason or another, are about to be filtered, but until the so-called “ information age ” (consisting at its apex by the Internet so far) no one had adequate platforms to filter such information, and they should trust in personal contacts. Wikileaks

Wikileaks is an online platform for submitting documents of all types anonymously and theoretically secure for analysis and publication.

Wikileaks became famous in 2010 when it published a series of digital content about the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

The first revealed an unprecedented video of an attack by American soldiers on journalists from the Reuters agency, while the second dealt with thousands of confidential documents, until then secret, which were revealed by Wikileaks, along with some means of most prestigious communication in the world.

The WikiLeaks story began in 2006 when a group of journalists and hackers decided to join forces to show transparency. Wikileaks

This purpose, noble in theory, was marked both by the ways and by the contents published a few times on the site, which makes the organization harshly critical of the way it handles information.

Of the founders, two figures from the organization stand out with greater strength through the visualization of their faces: hackers Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

Without a doubt, the most public figure in the organization was Julian Assange, while Daniel Domscheit-Berg remained in the background, even though he was spokesperson for the organization on some occasions.

Due to disagreements between the two, Domscheit-Berg left Wikileaks in 2010, accusing Assange of exercising excessive personalism and neglecting basic security aspects by those who leaked documents to the organization so that their identities could be discovered by third parties. through espionage. Wikileaks

During all this time, Wikileaks continued to play its role of filtering documents, giving rise to major informational earthquakes:

– The video of the shootings of Reuters journalists in Baghdad that took place in 2007 but was not published by Wikileaks until 2010, the year it was leaked.

The scandal was capital, since the video (which corresponded to the US Army recording) perfectly captured that the victims of the attack were not carrying weapons or mentioning being a threat to the Apache helicopter that shot them, as well as to their superiors. those in charge of the action gave their approval.

In addition to the journalists who lost their lives in the attack, nine more people were also murdered, some trying to save the first ones who fell and others taking the wounded to a hospital. Wikileaks

– The diaries of the invasion of Afghanistan by the United States and other allied countries, carried out in 2001, but whose documents were published in 2010 by rotating leaders from around the world, such as the North American New York Times, the German Der Spiegel and the British The Guardian.

These documents explained details hitherto not revealed by the US government or its allies, such as the number of civilian casualties caused by the attacks or the deaths caused by the “friendly fire”.

– The Iraq War documents, filtered by Bradley Manning, a soldier in the United States army who considered the US administration to be committing an injustice , thus wanting to explain it to the world. These documents explained, among other things, the cases of torture against Iraqis, as well as the lack of action by Western forces in the face of abuses by soldiers from the remodeled Iraqi army that was composed after the coalition’s victory.

– The “cablegate”, consisting in filtering diplomatic cables crossed between the US embassies spread across the world and by the government of that country. Wikileaks

– The Stratford files, corresponding to various events that this security company has intervened in over the past few years, such as the Bhopal (India) petrochemical disaster, the operation to kill Osama bin Laden and the Falklands War.

– The last major leak from Wikileaks occurred in 2017, when it revealed a significant amount of material about how the US secret service (the CIA) spies on us through computers and is able to attack with malware.

Wikileaks also has a self-defense mechanism in case it suffers a really serious attack: the .aes256 file

This consists of a 1.99 gigabyte file protected by strong encryption (256-bit AES), which would only be suspended from an undisclosed decryption key. This would be a function of circumstances, so Wikileaks would consider indirect methods of releasing such a key so that governments (especially the US) could not stop it. Wikileaks

Despite countless incidents and attacks of all kinds, especially with Julian Assange, a refugee at the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, Wikileaks continues to play the role of disclosing to the world the secret documents that are communicated to them and sent by people from all over type, after its verification and verification.

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