What is White Noise definition/concept

The beeps have different intensities. Acoustics is the scientific discipline that studies sound and its propagation in the air. One of the most unique sounds you can hear is called white noise. It is a broadband signal with constant sounds and emitted randomly.

Due to its characteristics, this sound masks the others and this makes white noise beneficial to sleep.

White noise and babies’ sleep

Babies can have difficulty falling asleep. The white noise sound signal at a low intensity favors the babies’ relaxation and sleep. This noise contains all frequencies and each one of them shows the same power. White Noise

There are several household appliances with this type of noise, such as a washing machine, a television when it is not tuned in, a hairdryer and a vacuum cleaner. All these noises are similar to the sounds that babies hear in their mother’s womb (the noise of blood circulation or breathing are constant and very similar to those emitted by household appliances). For this reason, some parents bring these appliances closer to their babies to reassure them and facilitate a pleasant sleep.

White noise tunes can be downloaded from a computer and obtain various melodies from this sound mode.

There are compilations of white noises specially prepared for babies. It should be noted that for a baby to sleep, the use of white noise must be accompanied by an adequate strategy (low light intensity to induce sleep and stability in the times to get the baby used to sleeping regularly).

Other types of noise

Constant noise has a continuous intensity and its fluctuations are minimal over time. In fluctuating noise, the sound intensity is variable over time ( traffic noise is an example of this category ). Transient noises are of short duration, as in the passage of a motor vehicle .

When the intensity of the sound increases abruptly, an impact noise is produced . There is also pink noise, which is the one with a lower amplitude for high frequencies (the rain sound is an example of this modality).

Brown noise is composed of mid and low frequencies, as is the case with some fear-provoking sounds.

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