What is Voynich Manuscript definition/concept

The Voynich Manuscript is in reality a book full of mystery. Its content is full of images, graphics and texts whose true meaning is completely unknown, as this work was written in a language not yet deciphered.

This is not the only mystery surrounding the manuscript, as its author is also an enigma.

Data of interest

The Voynich surname is related to an antiquarian who in 1912 happened to be with this document, the Lithuanian Wilfrid M. Voynich. Over the years, the book changed hands and finally made it to Yale University . It is currently cataloged in the rare books section of the library Beinecke and integrated to Yale University.

After studying the ink and other components of the book, it was concluded that it could have been written in the early 15th century and that it was certainly published in some Italian city. Voynich Manuscript

The book is written on parchment and consists of 240 pages. The alphabet used is totally unknown, but the images and graphics provide some information on different topics: astronomy, biology, pharmacology, astrology and botany. It is believed that these issues could maintain some interconnectedness.

The description of plants would have been done in combination with planetary cycles and these could have a projection on people’s character through astrology.

This description calls the attention of researchers, since some of these plants are part of the American flora, since the beginning of the 15th century the American continent was totally unknown in Europe

In the field of astronomy there are circular diagrams of planets and a large number of stars. It is worth specifying that much of this information was ignored by fifteenth century astronomers (at the time the manuscript was predictably written, telescopes did not exist, for this reason, what is striking is the reference to some stars that could only be observed through the telescope). The book also features strange images of women emerging from circular spheres. Voynich Manuscript

All this information could indicate that the Voynich Manuscript is actually a scientific document, probably an encyclopedic manual .

Many experts tried to decipher the riddle

On certain occasions, within the mass media , there is new news about the Voynich Manuscript. Researchers from around the world expose their theories and conjectures to bring the enigmatic book to life.

In 2014, British linguist Stephen Bax managed to decipher some of the manuscript’s 35,000 words through cryptographic techniques. According to this study , the language used in his writing could be an ancient language of Asian origin. Voynich Manuscript

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