What is Vehemence definition/concept

The term vehemence is used to refer to a type of  attitude taken by humans in certain situations. The vehemence always involves passion and total commitment to defend a certain posture, idea or situation, although in many cases it is seen negatively as it means impulsiveness or exaggeration, in others it establishes a high level of commitment and clarity of ideas.

This is why vehemence as a course of action is appropriate for some areas, but not all (for example, it is not recommended in formal and labor areas).

When someone analyzes the word vehemence etymologically, they discover that this term comes from Latin, more specifically from the term venens

In this sense, ve means in Latin “out of” or “distant”, while mens is precisely equivalent to “mind”. Thus, we can understand that the word vehemence can literally mean removed from the mind, obscured or irrational.

This undoubtedly takes a negative view of this word, as it means that an individual who acts vehemently does so irrationally, without thinking or  reasoning. That’s why often the idea of ​​vehemence or someone who is vehement can lead us to think that they are a very impulsive person , who doesn’t stop thinking about their actions or  words, who acts more with emotion than with reason and in many times with violence .

However, the term vehemence also has a positive meaning, which establishes the notion of commitment and defense of certain values

Regardless of what these values ​​are, what matters in this regard is the  common sense and manner of committing to them that a person can demonstrate.

It is often present when themes such as  politics, sports, ways of understanding the world or even personal styles are addressed, since all of these establish the person’s choices and shape their identity and way of being.

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