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The so-called Health Sciences cover a series of well-diversified disciplines, such as medicine in its different branches: psychology , physiotherapy, optometry and speech therapy. In order to unify criteria regarding the dissemination of knowledge, there are a series of shared rules. The Vancouver style is the frame of reference for everything related to the publication of texts associated with the health sciences. Vancouver Style

Receives this name because it was in the Canadian city of Vancouver, in 1978, that laid the foundations of this system .

What are these standards for?

Although the main reason that justifies this type of standards is the unification of criteria in bibliographic references in the health sector, there are other reasons that justify their use. First, they allow you to avoid possible cases of plagiarism. On the other hand, they facilitate the recognition of the work of other authors.

Likewise, they allow the reader to better find the sources of information cited in a research paper. Finally, these standards are intended to convey credibility to the content of a work. Vancouver Style

Considerations when making bibliographic references

When mentioning the contribution of a different author within a work, a number must be noted in parentheses, which will correspond with its respective number in the bibliography section. In this way, the reader of the text can consult the mentioned bibliographic source and find out who the author is and in which publication the reference appeared. Vancouver Style

When a research article has more than six authors, only the first six are indicated and accompanied by the Latin abbreviation et al, which means “and others”.

The pattern to be followed for a correct reference is as follows: first the author or authors of the article are written, then the title of the article and journal appear, then the year and month of publication, as well as the issue or volume , publisher and year of publication.

Among the criteria used, there are also a series of recommendations regarding the font and margins, the text and paper format and the most convenient type of title. Vancouver Style

In parallel, there are a series of rules related to the publication’s preliminaries (for example, the dedication, the glossary and the list of attachments) and to the body of the work (for example, about the introduction, objectives, methodology and acknowledgments section) .

The standards contained in the Vancouver style are an essential tool for the propagation of scientific knowledge in the health field. Currently, these technical requirements are mandatory for the fulfillment of publishers and writing committees . Vancouver Style

The Vancouver style can be installed in a word program and in this way facilitates the publication of texts and their study .

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