What is Value Judgment definition/concept

A judgment is an opinion , an opinion or an assessment that an individual makes about something or someone and which is usually determined whether it is good or bad, true or false, trustworthy or not, from their point of view. Value Judgment

The influence of personal characteristics

However, the value judgment is not different from the evaluation that a person makes about something or someone and which is the result of submitting him to his ideas, personal values, experiences, beliefs and particular environments.

In other words, people are born and develop in a certain context that naturally emphasizes their personality , the way they perceive the world, among other issues. So, in addition to making each individual different from the other and even more about the one who was born and developed in totally opposite circumstances, it focuses on how facts or people are judged.

When we are raised in a hyper-conservative family, we do not see well and with good eyes that our daughter decides to move in with her boyfriend without getting married. Another case is when we are inserted in a very religious circle , which tends to evaluate everything from the point of view of the Catholic religion, in this case we are guided by its precepts when accepting or rejecting certain facts.

Most of the time, value judgments are linked to ideas, decisions, behaviors, thus, it is estimated that they are good, bad, useful or useless. Value Judgment

Predominance of Subjectivity over the Truth

As we were saying, the value judgment has a fundamental and extremely important subjective charge. That is why this judgment issued by someone must be taken into account, know who it comes from and understand that this person comes to this judgment as a result of their beliefs, experiences and surroundings.

This mentioned situation must be taken into account especially when the value judgment issued by a person about something or someone is certainly bad or reprehensible and ends up affecting the person in question. In many cases, this is due to very personal assessments, which can even be totally far from the truth or consistency .

Therefore, we must take this aspect into account and not surrender to a judgment of value, which is just a very particular view that someone has of life. Value Judgment

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