What is Utopia definition/concept/elaboration

Utopia is such a good circumstance or possibility that it is impossible to realize. This term means “no place” and was popularized with the publication of an anonymous book by Thomas More. Throughout history, men have gone through many desirable and impossible situations, and this term is an expression that fits perfectly to explain this situation.

This fascination of man for impossible worlds is not just a legacy of books from the past, but that continue in the present

If we look at popular culture, especially Hollywood movies, we can see how there is still a fascination for worlds and situations that are impossible to happen. This circumstance is primarily due to man’s own desire to always transcend his everyday existence and try to obtain better conditions. In fact, many of the great advances came from this dissatisfaction with the world and the constant search for improvement. Utopia

In the case of Thomas More’s work, it was fundamentally centered on an ideal community with its own laws, customs and political organization . Thus, it narrates the vicissitudes of this imaginary community as if it were true and with that, it tries to show a series of desirable situations that society cannot offer. In this way, Thomas More’s utopia works as a critique of the institutions and customs of his time, as well as a new proposal for forms of organization.

Thomas More’s work has as its antecedent the Republic of Plato and is inspired by many

If we pull on the memory, let us remember that it describes a dialogue between Socrates and his antagonists. From there, an ideal situation of social organization is traced , where the philosopher has a preponderant role of his condition in search of the truth. The republic can be considered as one of the first utopian expressions that reflect a desirable state of circumstances. Utopia

A widely used expression that is related to utopia is called dystopia . This refers instead to an undesirable state of circumstances that don’t exist. In this case, the criticism works because this undesirable state is just an exaggeration of the problems that usually happen in our world.

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