What is USB definition/concept/elaboration

We call USB a type of connection between computers and various associated devices, such as mice, printers, keyboards, cameras, etc. The term is an acronym for the expression “universal serial bus” and became massive at the beginning of the new millennium, allowing all these peripherals to use the same type of connection. In the past it was common for all input and output elements of a computer to have a different connection input. This type of situation happened due to technical limitations and due to the history of computers that adopted these connections as the most efficient at the time.

With the arrival of USB, it was possible to unify all these variants and thus obtain an even higher data  transmission speed . In addition, it made it possible for devices to be connected even when turned on, that is, the computer does not need to be turned off to be connected. In fact, in the past, some of these devices required a computer restart, but with the arrival of USB and new operating systems, this kind of inconvenience is a thing of the past.

USB is basically a data transfer standard. In fact, the architecture of a computer involves communication between the computer and its user. This means that the information processed by the computer is provided in part by the user and thus returned to him. This type of procedure is performed through these peripherals that serve as a means of communication between them. Thus, USB works as a channel that takes data from a user to a computer.

USB has had several implementations. This means that it was marketed in different variants after its first delivery and that they added new functions and higher speeds. This trend is currently expected to continue. Furthermore, there is a new possibility that has not yet become standard, but that must be taken into account: the so-called Wireless USB. It is also possible that new technologies will develop and generate a new standard. In this sense, Thunderbolt refers to as a possible successor of this medium, but as always the market will give the final answer.

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