What is Unraveling definition/concept

The truth of certain facts is not always easy to get. It should be taken into account that the information may be hidden, incomplete or even present with some type of code . When this occurs, the investigation process is complex and laborious, and to describe this verb action the verb to unravel is used. To unravel something means that what was unknown becomes known. Unraveling

In scientific activity there are mysteries to unravel

In the various scientific disciplines what is sought is the truth about a given subject. When achieved, it is possible to answer a series of questions, for example, why it happens, how it happens and under what conditions. This process can take years of research. However, absolute truth is unattainable, since we only get explanations for a part of the truth. Unraveling

Science seeks to unravel certain phenomena that at the moment remain without a definitive explanation.

Among the facts that the scientific community has not yet unraveled, we can highlight the following:

1) the mental mechanism of the placebo effect;

2) why cows eat looking north or south but never east or west;

3) the reason why a simple tomato has more genes than a human being;

4) the sight of a bright light in some people who are close to death;

5) the relationship between character and genetic code ;

6) the same existence of the human being in the universe . Unraveling

These and other puzzles are challenges that the scientific community is trying to explain. Above all there are some theories, but none of them is definitive and conclusive. It is foreseeable that in the future some of these mysteries may be revealed, but there will always be mysteries to unravel, that is, to unravel.

Solving past and present puzzles

Historians and archaeologists have some data about the past and, based on them, reconstruct the historical moment to be analyzed. In this type of activity, the past is disemboweled, as the initial data is presented as an inexplicable puzzle. Unraveling

Something similar happens with the resolution of crimes, where the police need to investigate everything that happened as if it were a puzzle game, which they need to put in order.

The Hieroglyph Puzzle

There are people who are passionate about enigmatic pastimes. The signs and figures that appear in hieroglyphs are an invitation to anyone who wants to unravel their true meaning. The hieroglyphic writing of the Egyptians could be deciphered in the 19th century and it was the Frenchman Jean-François Chanpolion who managed to unravel its mysteries.

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