What is Unix definition/concept/elaboration

Unix is a format of system operating to great extent in the business. Its existence is due to the work  of employees at Bell Laboratories and is characterized by allowing multiple users and the execution of many tasks at the same time. She had a troubled passage through several companies that were buying and selling her rights; because of this there have always been legal disputes regarding its usage rights and copyrights.

Being a kind of standard that meets various application regulations, we can say that there are several Unix systems. Each of these operating systems has evolved over the years with different characteristics, despite maintaining a number of common standards. So they can refer to AIX, XP-UX. Solaris, etc. It is noteworthy that Unix went through its development through several setbacks and went back to square one, which made its evolution impossible at that time.

In spite of its remote origin (forty years in the technological area can seem like an eternity), the fact is that the Unix systems kept their validity due to their robustness, power and ease of use; in the corporate area it is customary to make this usual use. Furthermore, it’s impossible to think of Linux without the evolution of Unix, and therefore it’s impossible not to see the Unix branding on every device that now proliferates with Android; in fact, Linux development grew out of emulating many of Unix’s features for the Intel platform.

One of the typical characteristics of a Unix system is the coexistence of different shells or command interpreters that work as a user interface for communication  with the system’s core. Commands can be executed combined and in logical sequence, which translates into a powerful scripting language ; each emits a value when executed, with 0 being a sign of correct execution, while any other value indicates that the execution had some kind of problem. This ease and versatility for script development and task automation has hardly been overcome over time, and is currently extremely useful for everyday work.

For any person involved in technology, have a good knowledge base of this operating system can result in benefits and facilities in their performance labor, because it is and will be for a long time an obligatory reference in the systems area.

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