What is Unilateral definition/concept/elaboration

The term unilateral refers to any circumstance that, considering the different parts, is only associated with one of them. This expression is used especially in commercial matters or in contracts under the law, where there is an aspect that affects only one of the parties. Thus, the unilateral is assigned only to one of the agents in question. On the other hand, the expression bilateral is used to refer to a type of circumstance that involves both parties. On certain occasions, the term unilateral may have a negative  connotation, as it establishes an unconsent decision that affects a third party.

The company is crossed by a multitude of relations between parties who maintain somewhat of a structure supporting the institutions, the trade , the production , etc. This type of situation involves a large number of agreements and commitments, some of which are explicit before the law and others are actually carried out. These agreements can be made within the country or between different countries, for example, with trade agreements, cooperation agreements in security , in development, etc. All these agreements involve a series of mutual obligations that both parties undertake to carry out, whether through actions or omissions.

It is customary to say that an action is unilateral when one of the parties fails to coordinate the other, or even when it fails to comply with one of its obligations, and so it is carried out without the  consensus  of the situation. This kind of circumstance can also be evidenced in  politics , when a party that has a majority in the state decides to take the measures radically without debating with the opposition.

On the other hand, on other occasions, the unilateral expression is related to the obligations that one of the parties imposes on the other without a counterpart in this regard. In this case, one of the parties involved can voluntarily decide to take some kind of action that will benefit the second. A clear example of this circumstance is the case of a donation. The same can be done without any kind of legal registration so that the amount is small, but if it is significant, it is necessary to explain the origin of the  resources to both parties through a contract.

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