What is Umbanda definition/concept/elaboration

The religious phenomenon presents an enormous range of possibilities. There are religions that believe in only one God, others are polytheistic and there are also those that do not believe in gods (for example, Buddhism). In the case of the Umbanda religion, its doctrines and beliefs form one of the most particular syncretic movements. His followers are found mainly in Brazil , Mexico and Venezuela.

Historical and spiritual roots

Africans who arrived as slaves in American lands from colonization introduced a series of rituals to  communicate with the gods, with the elements of nature and with the spiritual dimension of human existence. Their practiced rituals were guided by the harmony of everyday life and performed for good harvests or else to avoid  disease

Over time, these beliefs were transmitted from generation to generation and, gradually, these rituals were mixed with other Catholic beliefs and with the pre-Columbian tradition of the Indians.

In 1908, an 18-year-old Brazilian, Zélio Fernandino de Morais, was the medium who determined the foundations of the current Umbanda religion. This young man had a paralysis that prevented him from walking, but after coming into contact with a spirit, he recovered from his illness and began a new spiritual path, founding Umbanda temples in several Brazilian territories.

The meaning of life for your followers

Those who follow the Umbanda religion practice charity and brotherly love among human beings as the two fundamental principles that should guide existence. On the other hand, the figure of Jesus Christ is a moral reference  among its practitioners.

The search for healing and contact with spirits

In this religion, a lot of importance is given to the cure of illnesses and contact with beings from beyond. In Umbanda temples or terreiros, the faithful meet with a medium who has the ability to get in touch with spirits or resolve all kinds of situations.

People who attend Umbanda temples are previously purified with natural herbs and incense . This ritual is intended to purify the spirit and keep away from bad vibrations.

The origin of the word Umbanda

Its true origin is unknown. It is said that it may have come from Sanskrit , the Adamic alphabet, some Vedic symbol or because the seven letters that compose it are related to the seven archangels. As for its meaning, it means “God of Gods”, but it also means “union among men”.

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