What is UFC definition/concept/elaboration

UFC are the acronyms that mean Ultimate Fighting Championship, which is the company promoter and organizer of mixed martial arts fighting (MMA), the largest and most important in the world.

This type of fight refers to combats that prohibit the use of weapons and that determine a combination of techniques from various martial arts, such as boxing, judo, jiu jitsu, muay thai, among others. Finally, they allow unlimited use of blows, punches, kicks, immobilizations and grabs.

The UFC stood out as one of the first companies in the world, along with the Japanese Pancrase, to clearly bet on MMA combats that emerged in 1993. It was at this time that the UFC began to focus especially on promoting tournaments similar to the rules of the Valley Everything (except sticking your fingers in your eyes and biting).

The matches were especially bloody, as there was a certain relaxation in the rules and so wearing protective gloves was completely voluntary and most fighters preferred not to wear them.

However, the true international dimension of the UFC was made possible through the reality show “The Ultimate Fighter”, which definitively boosted this type of fight. In this program , a group of mixed martial arts fighters lived, trained and fought to get a contract with the UFC. The format was so successful that in 2005 it was broadcast and continues to this day on television with a remarkable impact on audiences and viewers.

UFC stars

In its origins, the great star that propelled the UFC forward was the Brazilian Royce Gracie, who in turn was one of the four founding partners of the company. Gracie became the first champion of a tournament organized by the UFC and had a famous rivalry against another legend, Ken Shamrock, which would lead to the two fighters being the first members of the UFC Hall of Fame.

Like other UFC stars, we can cite fighter Randy Couture, best known for his role in the movie “The Expendables”; Tito Ortiz, ex-husband of famous film actress Jenna Jameson; and also Fedora Emelianenko, who managed to remain undefeated for nearly a decade and is still considered by many to be the best fighter of all time.

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