What is Tyrannosaurus definition/concept

In recent decades dinosaur movies have put into fashion these animals that lived on Earth millions of years ago and for which it is not known with absolute certainty why they became extinct. The most popular among dinosaurs is probably Tyrannosaurus Rex, also known as T-Rex.

Main features

Even without finding a complete skeleton and only a few remnants of partial bones, paleontologists were able to describe the characteristics of these animals. Tyrannosaurus rex measured approximately 12 meters in length, weighed more than 7 tons, has a skull over a meter and a half, in addition to powerful fangs.

It is believed that it could reach a speed in excess of 40 km/h, but this data is not shared by the entire scientific community, as some paleontologists claim that its body structure did not allow it to reach such a high speed.

It is considered to be the largest carnivorous dinosaur and the most fearsome predator on Earth.

Other data of interest

The first skeletal remains of a tyrannosaurus rex were found in the state of Montana in the United States in the early 20th century. Since then, only about 10 partial skeletons have been found in the United States and Canada.

According to most studies, it is estimated that he had very good vision, specifically a stereoscopic vision that allowed him to perceive reality in relief , a characteristic that is also characteristic of human beings. On the other hand, he had a powerful sense of smell and developed hearing. These characteristics made it a very dangerous predator.

It is estimated that with one bite the tyrannosaurus could swallow up to 50 kilos of meat, as its mouth opened up to a meter in height.

Unlike reptiles, the T-rex walked with its legs vertical below its body.

It is believed that females were larger than males.

Like the rest of the dinosaurs, this one also went extinct 250 million years ago and scientists have yet to agree on the reasons for its disappearance.

According to recent data, paleontologists claim that there were more than 500 species of dinosaurs.

Finally, it should be noted that the word dinosaur comes from the Greek and literally means a terrible lizard.

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