What is True Love/meaning/concept/elaboration

True love is the feeling experienced by a couple and dreamed of by many people. It is noteworthy that for love to be true there must be reciprocity. There is no love if only one loves and is not reciprocated. It is only possible to create a shared project in common with mutual collaboration and the will of both. True love comes from unconditional affection. This strong feeling occurs when a person truly knows another, not only their virtues, but also their faults.

There is no love if there is no real knowledge of the other. Therefore, no person can truly love another on a first date or in the first month of dating. Passion is not love. This is a stage of love that does not always come from this feeling of unconditionality and full acceptance of the other.

Unconditional love

True love means respecting the other in their dignity, understanding that this is a being different from themselves

Therefore, if you really love you must respect the freedom of others. This aspect is important to differentiate from any toxic attachment or love. Physical attraction calms down over time in the same way as body beauty , as wrinkles appear over time, however, there is a form of love that can last and grow: admiration.

The admiration you feel for your partner’s way of being or some of her virtues, for example, her ability to overcome problems , patience, positive attitude towards life, etc.

romantic stereotypes

True love has nothing to do with romantic comedies. Two people who really love each other also argue, but assertively resolve their differences

True love is not found definitively, but is built every day, that is, people who can enjoy sentimental stability for a long time look for the formula to break the routine to protect their story through new details and more paths .

Active listening, humility , physical contact, leisure time shared in common, friendship , fidelity and communication are basic ingredients in the recipe of true love. The love that is not just feeling, but also reason and intelligence .

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