What is Trending Topic definition/concept

It was born with Twitter and has spread as a synonym for hot topics for any use, in any  context, outside of social networks, to show conversations that take place anywhere . It’s called trending topic or trending topic.

Historically, trending topic was born from counting tweets made with a given hashtag. The most tweeted hashtags are called trending topic.

There is no single list of trending topics, it is not static but dynamic and varies over time according to what is said on the talking bird’s social network

In addition to a list of the most talked about topics around the world, Twitter also maintains a list in the countries where it is present and in the most populous cities in the world, so it is important to always customize your trending topic list to respond to your geographic interests , whether local or global.

To modify the font that Twitter uses to display the trending topics list, just click the Change link next to the “Trends” heading on the left of the web interface.

Once this action is performed, we can search and choose a specific country, global trending topics, or determine the trends recorded by tweets from a particular city, chosen by geographic proximity or personal will.

The trending topic name has made a fortune outside of Twitter, being adopted with great fortune by other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, although none of them has been as successful and used as Twitter

Making a hashtag become a trending topic was the objective of many promotional actions on the web, from political parties and demonstrations, to television programs and civic demands, passing through the most varied objective s and motivations.

In fact, the importance of trending topics is such that they have remarkably surpassed the field of social media to become an expression of our daily conversations, used to refer to a topic of the moment.

So, telling a friend that something or other is a trending topic is like saying about a hot topic at the moment.

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