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The small town of Treblinka is situated seventy kilometers from Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The name of this place has gone down in history because for two years the Germans set up one of the Nazi extermination camps in this area to murder millions of Jews. The Treblinka extermination camp was part of Operation Reinhard, the terminus used by the Nazis to refer to the Jewish holocaust

The Treblinka extermination camp was part of Operation Reinhard, a secret term used by the Nazis to refer to the Jewish holocaust.

The Treblinka facility has been operating from the summer of 1942 to the end of 1943

It is estimated that during this time period between 700,000 and 900,000 Jews died. These numbers also include Gypsies, homosexuals, German dissidents and Spanish republicans.

One method employed in the murders was the well-known gas chamber system

However, the survivors of Treblinka have left witnesses to all sorts of cruelties. In this sense, gold pieces were removed from the dentures of the dead, there were other experiments with different methods of killing, where there is evidence that thousands of children were also executed.

In the summer of 1943 a group of Jewish prisoners revolted against the camp leaders. Their objective was twofold: to destroy the Treblinka facilities and allow the prisoners to escape

The prisoners organized their escape when they heard news of the defeat of the German army at Stalingrad. The rebellion started in a favorable way for the prisoners, as they had obtained weapons from a warehouse and the Treblinka premises began to catch fire. Despite initial success, the escaped prisoners were easily captured because they didn’t know the surrounding area.

When the Treblinka facility was abandoned, the Nazis burned all documents that were related to their atrocities. Another fact is that these Treblinka lands have become cultivated areas. This served as a perfect alibi for those who denied the Jewish holocaust. Although there is no evidence and no evidence of their crimes, the survivors and a small group of fugitive prisoners have left their testimony of what happened there.

The extermination camp was camouflaged

All the killing machines put into practice by the Nazis could not be in sight. In the case of Treblinka, the fences used were covered with green branches and in this way the field could be confused with a cultivation area like any other.

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