What is Transaction definition/concept

A transaction is called a commercial operation that consists of exchanging a good or service for a certain amount of money. The term also refers to the database’s own technical operation that performs a series of operations. However, the most common meaning refers to the exchange of goods, a circumstance inherent to economic activity .

In the market, several agents interact seeking to obtain a benefit share. To do this, they often exchange goods and services for money. This situation has been present since antiquity, even before the existence of money when trade took place on the basis of exchange .  Transaction

The logic of this trade determines that economic agents base themselves more on the production of their goods and services, and with that their surpluses are exchanged with other agents. This type of behavior bears great responsibility for the development of capitalism; in fact, each agent is dedicated to the tasks that are better positioned and more competitive, resulting in greater abundance and quality in the goods and services produced. Transaction

From a technological point of view, a transaction is an operation that consists of a series of instructions or procedures that must be carried out together. This type of circumstance is due to instructions that only make sense when executed together. In the case of a technical defect, operations must be eliminated, even those that are not carried out. This procedure is typical of relatable databases, which constantly incorporate data when it comes to productive environments. In this case, the database engine usually has files that record all transactions received; especially useful in case there is a problem with the base and it needs to be reset. Transaction

As mentioned before, the case of a transaction considered as an economic exchange operation is the most common and present in the population. It is the basis of the market and enables economic growth in large part, a circumstance present since man appeared in the world. Transaction

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