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Toxicology is the science that studies the effects that certain chemical substances have on the organism of living beings, as well as deciphering at what level these substances change from a safe compound to a potentially harmful one.

toxicity levels

Determining toxicity levels is really tricky, as not all people react the same way with the same substances. What for some is an innocuous dose for others can be a deadly dose. Toxicology

There are many doubts regarding the action of the effects that certain substances can have, so the solution to this type of problem is to determine the levels of toxicity.

These are values ​​that differ, from a toxicological point of view, between the level of exposure that would not have any type of effect and the level of exposure with effects. Therefore, the reference value is delimited by the minimum concentration of a substance capable of generating a reaction in the body, or the maximum amount of a compound that can be absorbed by the body without generating any type of detectable effect.

Toxicology study methods

Toxicologists mainly use two methods to prove theories about the toxicity of a substance: experimental tests carried out on animals or plants and later analyzes referring to cases of poisoning in humans. In addition to these tests, we can include direct experimentation on humans, although this method is rarely used due to legal and ethical implications. Toxicology

In each of these methods used, most have positive points, but also negative ones. In the case of retrospective analyzes of poisonings occurring in humans, these are presented as the perfect vehicle to obtain reliable data on the estimated toxicity of a substance, but which in turn is difficult to find volunteers to carry out the tests.

In the case of animal experiments, the great advantage lies in the possibility of obtaining information that can be quickly transferred to human beings. Although the toxicologists always use the maximum levels of exposure in relation to a substance, so that does not cause adverse effects. There are many people who are against the use of animals in scientific experiments, as they consider it a form of animal abuse .

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