What is Toxic People definition/concept

Currently, the concept of toxic people is commonly used in the psychological sphere. However, it is more constructive to talk about difficult people. Labeling someone as toxic can have an opposite effect. Is that to classify this type of person many people prefer to avoid the direct company of those considered potentially toxic.

However, what is known today as toxic people is nothing more than having a difficult personality  for some reason. And this causes the individual to habitually repeat certain attitudes related to his character with his peers.

Six types of toxic people

1. The crybaby . A person who complains about everything and the same apparent reason ends up looking for it. It is the eternal dissatisfied, individual who has a negative speech and who projects an unpleasant energy to their surroundings. Toxic People

2. The egocentric. A person who lives depending on himself and his own ego. It is possible to be in a cafe with a friend who has this personality and at the same time feel deeply alone, as this person shows no interest in you. Conversations are like monologues. The guy just wants to be heard by you.

3. Criticism. A person who devotes a great deal of time to criticizing the other, however, has little capacity for self- reflection . Thus, in the absence of self-criticism, this type of attitude does not improve and makes the other suffer.

4. The envious one. A person who feels sad about the good of others. They are envious individuals, who make ironic and sarcastic comments from those around them. Toxic People

5. The judge. A person who opines about his life as if he had the truth of every decision he makes. He opines on his life with little sensitivity. Toxic People

6. The victim. A person who adopts the role of victim in a habitual way in his life. She positions herself in this way in front of the other in the hope of being saved by someone else. It demands attention through constant compassion. It is very likely to offer your advice and give possible solutions to a person who positions himself in that way, he misunderstands because for him everything is very easy. Toxic People

How to overcome a toxic attitude

All people can be vulnerable to suffering toxic attitudes at some point. For this reason, it is important to promote introspection and analyze the snag in order to overcome it. For example, a person who over the past few months has had frequent problems with several people around him may ask if the problem is with him or others.

Once the possible conflict is identified, the first step to overcome it must be taken, as the human being’s capacity is infinite to create new possibilities in his life. In some cases it is necessary to ask for help and initiate psychological treatment. Toxic People

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