What is Tourist Guide definition/concept

The tourist may need an information tool of great benefit to their movements: a tourist guide. It is a book in which it is possible to find any type of data related to the chosen destination. Thus, the content of the tourist guides incorporates varied information about museums, cultural heritage, restaurants, shows, timetables, transport, currency, local traditions, practical recommendations for the traveler, in short, everything that can be useful for the tourist.

In recent years, these guides have been adapted to the technological revolution and so travelers have started to use certain applications on their mobile devices to consult information about the place they are visiting.

Both its paper and digital versions serve to solve problems and guide the traveler in their needs in an easy and practical way.

In fact, when we consult a guide, we come across the following headings: where to eat, how to get to a certain place , how to save money, where to sleep, etc. It should be noted that normally the tourist has little time to visit a destination and thus the guide becomes a relief to take advantage of the greater amount of time available.

The travel book, an alternative to classic guides

Tourist guides have objective information, while travel books tell experiences about the place. In this sense, many travelers prefer to be guided by a literary work and, from that, acquire a new dimension. The literature Travel has historical and biographical ingredients, it makes the reader-traveler has a different experience from tourist traditional .

The profession of tour guide

In countries with a tourist tradition, it is possible to train academically as a tourist guide . This professional has the same knowledge that a guide book has to transmit to tourists, but, in addition, incorporates the human factor. In this way, the guide comments on the history of a place, as well as solving doubts and unforeseen issues, in short, contributing with their knowledge so that the tourist can have a complete experience of the trip.

Qualities for being a good tour guide

The tour guide must be a good communicator and, at the same time, a deep knowledge of the history of a place. When you describe , for example, a public building you need to know who, when and why it was built.

When you accompany a group in a local market, you should advise on the products available to purchase and what the most advisable prices are. On the other hand, you need to alert your group about the difficulties you may encounter on the trip, for example, the most dangerous areas and the possible frauds that you can go through.

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