What is Theism definition/concept/elaboration

Theism refers to the belief in divinity as an active agent in the process of creation and the course of history. It is a transcendent reality that has a real presence beyond all that is visible and material.

However, theism places God as the engine and cause of everything that exists. Theism is assured in medieval philosophy thanks to the work of authors such as Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine. In the metaphysical context of medieval philosophy, God is the first cause, the source of all existence.

God is a supreme being

Its power is infinite as it created everything that exists, including human beings, out of nothing. Furthermore, God’s influence on creation is constant since the divinity is responsible for the life of all creatures that have their own being, but always related and subject to the creative force. That is, God is infinite, omnipotent and perfect in himself. On the contrary, the human being who thinks equal or similar to God is limited, imperfect and finite. God is the cause of himself, he has always existed.

Theism is a current that arises precisely as a way of giving God his place in a society that increasingly values ​​experimental science as a synonym for truth. Theism does not diminish the value of experimental science, but puts it in its place. Exact science cannot deal with any object of study .

philosophical theism

It is noteworthy that theism should not be confused with religion, but shows a philosophical attempt to understand God from rational parameters. From this perspective, everything that exists has a cause, so it follows that there is a first cause for the origin of everything.

This philosophical theism does not consider the contents of the faith revealed in the Christian religion. Faith becomes a rational principle, that is, there is evidence that shows the existence of a superior being. However, philosophical theism has certain limits by which reason cannot understand all the mysteries surrounding the existence of God.

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