What is the Battle of Poitiers/meaning/concept

After the death of the prophet Mohammed in the year 632 d. C, the leaders of Islam began a period of expansion in North Africa and Southeast Asia. In addition, at the beginning of the 18th century, a large part of the Iberian peninsula was occupied by Muslim troops and in present-day Spain, Al-Andalus was established. Battle of Poitiers

A few years later they arrived in Frankish territory in present-day France. A few kilometers from the city of Poitiers, the decisive battle began.

The event that stopped the Muslim invasion of Europe

Frankish territory in present-day France was ruled by the Merovingian dynasty. The Muslims of the Iberian Peninsula penetrated many times into what is now France and achieved important achievements in their incursions, and in the year 725 they took over some regions of southern France. Battle of Poitiers

In the city of Narbonne a Muslim governor was appointed. With these achievements, the followers of Islam intended to continue its expansion throughout the European continent .

In the year 732 Muslim troops led by Gafiki took the city of Bordeaux

The Franks did not initially intervene as the occupied territories were part of the kingdom of Aquitaine.

However, the Frankish Carlos Martel organized a powerful army to stop the Muslim advance in his territory. Frankish troops were located in Poitiers for its strategic value. Battle of Poitiers

The military confrontation took place in October 732 on the banks of the Loire River. For several days both armies watched each other and finally the Muslim cavalry launched a first attack, but the Franks managed to resist.

The Muslim army encountered an unforeseen situation, as in its rear they were being attacked by Aquitans. This circumstance caused great confusion among the Muslims and, taking advantage of this, Carlos Martel gave the order to attack the enemy camp.

When they arrived, they found that the invaders had abandoned their posts and headed towards the Iberian Peninsula.

A decisive battle in European history

At the Battle of Poitiers there were numerous casualties among the Muslims and very few among the Franks. Carlos’ victory made him known by his nickname , the Hammer, derived from his surname Martel.

The Muslims initially maintained their domains in southern France, but when Charles Martel’s son (Pipino) inherited the Frankish crown, he managed to drive all invaders out of French territory.

The occupation of Islam in the Iberian Peninsula continued for the next eight centuries, until in 1492 they lost the territory of the Kingdom of Granada and were definitively expelled. Battle of Poitiers

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