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In recent years, the emergence of new technologies has caused some changes in the position of the body. When the posture of the head leans forward because of the use of a device, the neck may suffer from some pathology. This phenomenon is known as “text neck”, which literally means “text neck”.

This name is due to the fact that the neck bends when a person is going to read or write a text, for example, to write a WhatsApp message or to view information on a tablet.

Text neck syndrome is a technological disease

The symptoms of this pathology are the following: stiffness in the neck and shoulder joints, headache and back pain. These symptoms are the logical consequence of maintaining an inclined posture for a long time. This disease is considered a pathology of the digital age.

The cervical area is especially sensitive

Incorrect neck position creates stiffness and tension in the cervical area and vertebrae. To lessen the effects of text neck syndrome, physical therapists recommend stretching exercises to relieve local tension, as well as neck rotation and relaxation exercises. On certain occasions a self-massage may be advisable.

In relation to the neck text should take into account that when the neck is flexed to query a device is increased pressure on the vertebrae, which can become a chronic problem. From a medical point of view, to prevent such problems it is recommended to take care of postural hygiene.

Other pathologies related to new technologies

There are other disease s and health problems whose origin is found in the technological revolution. Many teenagers have trouble sleeping because their brain doesn’t turn off technology. The most common vision problems are eye strain, dry eyes and tired eyesight. Abusive use of the thumbs can affect hand mobility and put stress on joints. Text Neck

In addition to anatomical and functional pathologies, there are also addictions such as the so-called imaginary syndrome or Internet addiction . These disorders can lead to others, such as communication problems , self-esteem or social isolation .

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