What is Tesseract definition/concept/elaboration

It is a peculiar geometric figure of which it is possible to have an idea of ​​what the fourth dimension could be , so it is necessary to disarm it in order to be understood. Tesseract

The dimensions we know are based on three basic data : width, height and depth. At a primary level, a single point constitutes dimension 0, as it is something that does not move in any direction and does not have a size either.

If we add a direction to the point and form a line, we will already get something in dimension 1.

If we add a new spatial direction perpendicular to the line, we will obtain an image in two dimensions (at this level it is already possible to form plane geometric figures ).

If we again incorporate another spatial direction that is perpendicular to the two previous ones, we will be able to form something in three dimensions, for example, a cube. Tesseract

Finally, if we add a fourth direction perpendicular to the three realities described, we can create something new, like a four-dimensional cube. This cube is precisely the tesserate, also known as the hypercube.

A cube is a figure with three dimensions: width, height and depth. When we think of a hypercube we must incorporate a fourth direction, which produces a four-dimensional structure

In other words, the cubic spaces of the hypercube are totally equal and have identical sizes. From a visual perspective, this figure is presented as a cube surrounded by several pyramids.

Although the tesseract does not change shape, we can see it differently from our point of view as observers.

The tesserato has the following characteristics: a figure with 16 vertices, 32 edges, 24 squares and 8 cubes. It is something that does not exist in reality , but the human mind is able to conceive this image. Thus, a hypercube or tesseract is a geometric figure formed by two three-dimensional cubes displaced in a fourth dimensional axis.

Thanks to this figure, we have an approximate geometric explanation of what a fourth dimension could represent.

The hypercube in the Marvel universe

In the comic books characters like Captain America and Thor appear. In these stories, the word tesserate is mentioned and refers to a cosmic cube. This figure lives in an imaginary world known as Asgard, which actually refers to the place inhabited by Odin, the god of Norse mythology.

In Marvel’s comics, it can be seen as a cube-shaped infinity gem with a power that can’t be compared to any other.

In other words, in this gem are stored the mysteries of the universe and those who possess it can rule the galaxy ensemble.

Although the comics are fictional stories, some interpret the references to the tesseract as having to do with certain mysteries of the universe: higher forms of consciousness , the enigmas of collective intelligence or the strange occult powers.

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