What is Terrorism definition/cocnept/elaboration

The word terrorism is known as any criminal activity of a violent nature that is carried out with the aim of achieving a series of political objectives. Normally, even if not exclusively, this definition is applied to the combination of acts involving bloodshed or attempts against human life, carried out by organizations or individuals with the intention of exercising coercion to achieve their aspirations.

However, terrorism is often represented by anti-democratic governments that use this term to define the activities of political opponents who oppose a regime, as well as, on occasion, through the use of weapons.

objectives of terrorism

Unlike ordinary criminal acts, terrorism is driven by political goals. His pretension is nothing more than creating a situation of chaos and terror in the population to force the acting government to weaken in the face of his demands.

What is striking about this event is that, historically, it has been proven that the use of terrorism almost never ends with its ultimate goals, as governments create a dangerous precedent if they give in to pressure from these groups . Hence, some scholars of the terrorist phenomenon offer an explanation for the commission of this type of act.

Terrorism is a matter of pure complexity because it is linked to political aspects with other types of factors.

fundamentalist terrorism

Proof of this is the rise of fundamentalist movements that make terrorism their raison d’etre. These movements are not limited to a single geographic territory , nor do they intend the existence of a concrete government that adopts a series of political measures. These are movements with a huge religious belief that intend to impose a series of cultural patterns typical of radical Islamism and that act globally in all possible areas.

Groups like al-Qaeda or Isis have created a new vision of the concept of terrorism. Far from operating underground, they seek to obtain as much exposure as possible and try to recruit new members using the new existing technologies.

Terrorism is, therefore, a phenomenon with numerous connotations and the difficulty of defining its causes and origins is one of the main reasons for achieving its eradication.

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