What is Tequila definition/concept/elaboration

Tequila is an alcoholic beverage made through the distillation of the plant Agave tequilana, a plant originally from the American continent .

Tequila is a genuinely Mexican drink and the best known is the one produced in the state of Jalisco. Its alcohol content is 38 degrees, its characteristic color is white and it has some variations (the rested or aged are the best known). Traditionally, it is taken in a small glass, accompanied by a piece of lemon and salt. According to experts, tequila should not combine like other drinks. When drinking it, there is a burning effect in the throat (for this reason it is considered a brandy).

A historical brushstroke

The name tequila comes from the municipality of the state of Jalisco (which has the same name), so it is believed that the word tequila comes from the Nahuatl indigenous language.

Agave tequilana is a plant that was previously used for medicinal purposes, but later the Colombian people started to drink tequila as a proper element of some religious rituals.

After the arrival of the Spaniards, tequila was subjected to distillation processes that were carried out on the European continent.

For centuries tequila was made clandestinely, as the Spaniards imposed harsh prohibitions on its manufacture and distribution, as they feared that tequila would end up with other beverages of Spanish origin. Restrictions on tequila were lifted in the mid-18th century, during the reign of Fernando VI. The release of your production paved the way for the first commercial brands, which in a few years conquered the US market. There are two key historical moments in the spread of tequila in the US: the Prohibition period (through which it was smuggled in) and at the end of World War II (because of the large mass of Mexican emigrants throughout the country). Since then, this drink with a watery appearance and intense flavor has been transformed into a symbol of Mexico across the planet.

For Mexicans tequila is something more than a drink, it is part of their culture . Tequila is the characteristic drink of traditional bars, it also serves to whet your appetite before meals and is present in songs, cinema and Mexican literature .

Scholars of the history of tequila highlight a striking and historical fact: in its origins, tequila had an eminently popular character, however, after its entry into the US market, it acquired a more sophisticated and elitist image.

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