What is Telekinesis definition/concept

Telekinesis or telekinesis is a mental phenomenon that consists of the supposed ability of some individuals to move objects through their mental strength or power (the term comes from the Greek “tele” which means far and “kinesis” which means movement ). Obviously, for some, this is something without scientific foundation and, therefore, it is an esoteric knowledge that belongs to the sphere of pseudoscience. However, defenders of the authenticity of the power of telekinesis consider it to be a mental faculty that cannot yet be explained using current scientific parameters.

Arguments in favor of telekinesis

Those who claim that it is possible to move objects using only the mind offer the following explanation through three arguments:

1) There are individuals with the capacity for absolute concentration;

2) Concentration of the mind focuses on certain objects through electromagnetic fields;

3) After the concentration and activation of the electromagnetic fields, the brain energy capable of moving an object from place can be activated (this last step would be properly the effect of telekinesis).

Some people claim that telekinesis is not something produced by magic. They consider that we still do not fully know the functioning of the human brain , therefore, science is not able to explain this type of phenomenon.

Throughout history there have been cases of individuals who demonstrated that the mind can move objects and it is not enough to think that they were all fakes.

The fact that there is no rational and logical explanation for telekinesis does not mean that it does not exist, but rather that it is still unknown.

Arguments against telekinesis

The laws of nature serve to explain all phenomena, in the case of displacement of objects, there is a change in a basic principle: the idea of ​​force. Force equals the product of mass and acceleration (according to Newton’s law) and this law is not applied to telekinesis. Consequently, the supposed mental power of certain individuals is a form of deception and manipulation.

If there really are people with this power , it would be fair for them to demonstrate publicly and their supposed ability could be overseen by highly regarded scientists.

In recent years, several surveys have revealed the existence of montages and forgeries demonstrating the most impactful telekinesis.

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