What is Technical Translation definition/concept

At times, we think that the fact that a person speaks a certain language means that he has the ability to correctly translate a  text. However, this is not the case. The same can be said of online translators who offer an automatic solution. This is one of the reasons why the work of translators is so valued. Technical translation requires a deep knowledge of the context of an article and the semantic field  of the concepts used.

In other words, it is very common for people to request a translation through the computer . Thus, the online translator must have specific knowledge of the vocabulary in question. However, translation goes beyond simply looking for the meaning of a word from another language.

specialized knowledge

The technical translator analyzes the context and also the language transformations that are specific to one language and different from others. Just as the grammatical structure of a sentence can be different.

For example, technical translators receive requests for services such as: translation of manuals, instructions and guides. Scientific and technical translation are closely related, however, the language of science is universal and technical concepts are much more specific.

An error in the technical translation can have serious consequences, which can completely change the meaning of an expression . Literal interpretation is not synonymous with technical translation. Greater attention should be given to the text translated into the language, while respecting the original meaning.

Correct terminology and an adequate context must be applied so that the meaning of a writing  has good quality from an informative point of view and facilitates reading comprehension .

a professional job

Given the complexity of the technical language, the translator must do a good job of documentation and research to expand their vocabulary wealth. In addition, a proper technical translation must have corrections and subsequent revisions in time so that the work is perfect and is delivered to the client in the best possible way.

It is a type of translation that requires maximum expertise. The translator serves the text from different perspectives: terminology, sentence structure,  style rules and writing .

texts can have different types of content: medicine, engineering, marketing, law, among others.

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