What is Tai chi definition/concept/elaboration

The term tai is equivalent in Chinese to great, maximum or supreme; the word chi means center or axis. Therefore, the two words joined together refer to a single concept : the maximum balance of body and mind.

The most varied techniques of this oriental discipline are focused on the search for physical and spiritual health. Regardless of your modality, all types of tai chi aim to harmonize your body’s energy in order to feel better. This approach is based on a principle of Chinese medicine: the state of mind of person causes diseases and imbalances in the body.

Being depressed causes stomach problems, anger triggers liver problems, and sadness compresses the lungs. Because of this, if we are able to control and regulate the mind, the body will feel better. Tai Chi techniques and movements are designed so that the serenity of the spirit is projected over the organism.

An uncertain historical origin

There are several legends about its true origin. Anyway, taichi has connections with Buddhism and Taoism in eastern cultures, especially coming from China.

At its beginning the exercises of this discipline were carried out for the training of warriors. Nowadays, it is no longer a martial art of defense or attack, but a physical-spiritual discipline in which its practitioners practice meditation while performing a series of movements. The essential of the exercises is to carry out sequences of movements that are fluid, firm and in turn smooth. The shapes created through your body movements resemble a fight with an imaginary rival.

Tai Chi Chuan

Although tai chi has a philosophical and spiritual component, in tai chi chuan it is a martial arts discipline. Tai chi chuan is a form of combat, but at the same time it refers to the inner struggle of each person to face their weaknesses and fears. This martial art is based on three dimensions of the human being: energetic , mental and physical. In this way, its practitioners become experts in this type of fight and, at the same time, obtain a better balance between their body and mind.

the usefulness of tai chi

In the first place , their usual practice is good for health in a broad sense. Tai chi exercises are preventive in nature. At the same time, it promotes balance, strengthens the joints and serves as a mental relaxation technique .

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