What is Syncretism definition/concept

The term syncretism comes from the Greek word synkretisms and its origin refers to the unity of the Cretans. Expresses the fusion between two religions or cultural manifestations. In both cases there is a syncretism when there is a synthesis of dogmas, ideas and symbols. The result of this synthesis creates a new religious or cultural expression .

Examples of religious syncretism

Most new religions are the result of syncretism. In general, the causes that explain the symbiosis between religions are related to colonization, imperialism and migratory movements that occur over time. It should be noted that religious syncretism should not be confused with dialogue between the various religions and ecumenism.

Examples that illustrate the idea of ​​religious syncretism

– In the Christianity practiced in Cuba and other Caribbean islands, elements and symbols of the Yoruba religion can be appreciated, a belief that comes from the black slaves who arrived from Africa.

– The Catholicism of some Latin American countries is a mixture of rituals, as they combine elements and traditions of the Mayan religion with the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

– The Bahá’í religion is probably the spiritual movement that best highlights the fusion of beliefs. In fact, according to the Bahá’í faith, religions must unite to a single doctrine, as they all express the word of one true God.

cultural syncretism

The term syncretism in cultural issues is rarely used, since other terms are more frequently used, such as cultural miscegenation, fusion, among others. Regardless of the coexistence of one term or another, it is evident that in culture there is a mixture of trends that ends up forming new manifestations.

One of the first historical examples of cultural syncretism took place during the Hellenistic period. After the conquests of Alexander the Great, in the IV century; C, submissive peoples joined the Greek language and culture with their own beliefs and traditions.

In cultural events, syncretism is very common in architecture, music, fashion and gastronomy. On the other hand, it also manifests itself in relation to languages, as happens with “Spanlish”, a mixture of English and Spanish .

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