What is Symposium definition/concept

The symposium means a gathering of people who, over a period of time, deal with a specific topic in order to achieve advances in its elucidation.

It is usually composed of people with a high degree of knowledge on the topic to be treated and who make the best use of their time. It is used especially in scientific areas, but also in social areas. In many symposia, conclusions were reached that are extremely relevant for certain disciplines, a circumstance that involves the dissemination of works that until now had been dealt with in private.

Participation in a symposium usually gives prestige to the involved and demonstrates that this person is updated in their discipline

In addition to being an event of dissemination in relation to knowledge, it is in a way also a social event , where people can get in direct contact with the most outstanding academics, scientists, etc.

In fact, the term is derived from a Greek word meaning “feast”. In fact, the Greeks were used to gathering together for various feasts and for this they presented food in abundance, and wine flowing freely. Once their hunger was satisfied, they began to discuss the topics in depth. Symposium

Thus, if we consider the dialogues left by Plato, we will see a very representative picture of these circumstances, which he rightly calls “The Banquet”. In this way, the author points to a philosophical discussion of the social event, where Socrates explains his thought and philosophy.

All these situations can be understood perfectly if we consider that the ancient Greeks placed great importance on social interaction as a way of developing philosophy, exercising politics, etc. Symposium

Currently, the symposia have a structure that allows for debate and dealing with different positions in the field of science. This type of system also allows the assistance of a group of people who, even without knowing the matter, participate as simple spectators and listeners.

Perhaps with technological development, this structure can be changed in the future with a virtual interaction that will considerably reduce the costs of this type of event.

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