What is Swiss Razor definition/concept

The vast majority of tools are designed to fulfill one or two functions. In the case of the Swiss razor, it is a pocket artifact that, in addition to a razor, is a tool that has 15 complementary accessories: can opener, screwdriver, toothpick, hook, scissors, among other functions . These accessories allow you to carry out all kinds of actions.

In short, it is a versatile, practical product with a very advanced design, as well as providing us with answers for the most diverse situations.

It is presented in a box and the manufacturers include a warranty certificate and a small instruction manual in it. It is an internationally known utensil, identified by its characteristic red color, as well as the inclusion of the Swiss flag inside a shield.

Objects also have their history

Victorinox is the name of the main company that manufactures these razors. It is a Swiss company founded at the end of the 19th century. Its founder, Karl Elsener, was initially dedicated to the manufacture of surgical materials, but when he learned that the Swiss army’s razors came from Germany, he decided to manufacture his own razors for the army of his country.

In 2005, Victorinox acquired the company Wenger, which was also dedicated to the manufacture of multipurpose knives.

From its origins to the present day, this manufacturer has supplied the Swiss army with these illustrious razors. Soldiers can open the cans, use the screwdriver to disassemble the weapons, or else to solve any kind of problem.

The army is not the only recipient, as it is a product for use by any type of consumer (this legendary tool is commonly included in NASA astronaut equipment).

In addition to its practical utility, there are collectors passionate about its different versions throughout history.

Curiosities and typically Swiss products

Switzerland is a unique country for many reasons. It was a neutral nation in both world wars, its banking system is especially airtight, and cantons periodically hold elections to decide their future.

It is also known for the Davos Forum , the legendary figure of Robin Hood and the Vatican Swiss Guard.

Unemployment is practically non-existent and its inhabitants have one of the highest GDP rates in the world. According to the 2017 Human Development Index , it is the fourth country with the best quality of life .

In addition to the pocket razor, the Swiss country stands out for other products: Emmental cheese, chocolate and watches.

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