What is Swimming definition/concept

Swimming is called a sport located in an aquatic environment and which is performed using specific techniques for a particular purpose. On certain occasions, swimming is a reason for competition, where its participants must reach the other side of the pool first. In this sense, the execution of the technique is of great importance, allowing the use of one or more techniques in each competition. Swimming is usually recommended for children and adults due to the enormous positive impact it has on health. In fact, it is extremely beneficial for the heart and has the advantage of having little impact on the body, a circumstance that sets it apart from other sports.

Swimming is considered essential in some Olympic competitions. In this sense, it has a long trajectory with few countries that continuously accumulate victories. Over the years, many records were broken, mainly because of the improvement of techniques and training of the victorious countries. In fact, this domain has never been free from mistrust these days.

It is difficult to know exactly how different styles of swimming evolved. No doubt had the contribution of a long tradition of trials and errors that put aside right moves to more efficient ones . In this sense, it is worth highlighting the “crawl” style, which consists of moving through the water by rocking the body from one side to the other with circulatory movements based on an impulse. This type of execution received its name for giving the impression of performing an exercise of “climbing” as if trying to climb horizontally. This way was noticed by European settlers, as soon as they observed the movement of some natives in the water.

Regardless of your sporting circumstances, it’s important to have some basics of water movement through swimming. In fact, you never know when it will be needed. On the other hand, it is extremely beneficial to improve aerobic capacity and general physical condition, a circumstance that can be easily achieved and that avoids certain impacts that damage the joints.

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