What is Sustainable Development definition/concept

In the 1980s, the scope of international relations began to address a global problem: humanity’s economic and social development was gradually deteriorating the environment . And this situation is expressed in different aspects: through increasing pollution, due to deforestation, the threat of species, climate change as a consequence of human action, among others. Faced with this reality , people began to talk about the need to maintain sustainable development. This means that it is not feasible to curb economic growth and development, but it is important to do so rationally, so that progress is not accompanied by the destruction of resources.

The expression Sustainable Development

English is the language of globalization and sometimes the concepts and expressions used in our daily lives derive precisely from English. In this case, the term sustainable development is synonymous with sustainable development. Interestingly, while in Spain this term is referred to as sustainable development, in the Latin American world it is more common to translate it as sustainable development.

A reality that affects all humanity

Human beings transform nature to survive. For thousands of years this process has had little impact on the environment. However, the 20th century was marked by the deterioration of the natural environment. At the same time, it has demonstrated a direct relationship between technological and industrial progress, as well as a series of environmental threats.

For sustainable development

The mismatch between the socioeconomic and environmental fields has activated a series of measures to solve this degradation. Thus, sustainable development can be expressed in several senses. Firstly, in individual and collective awareness . Secondly, the need to act individually and locally, for example, if thousands of individuals make a personal and daily commitment to recycling glass, this multiplied action will bring positive effects in global terms.

Responsible consumption is another fundamental aspect of sustainable development. This establishes an awareness of what we consume and the use of the goods we acquire. Let’s think of an idyllic beach where tourists go for a walk and at the end of the day they leave food bags, cans and paper all over the sand. This waste can end up in the sea bringing a negative impact on species and the entire ecosystem. This simple example highlights an idea: sustainable development is a need that is related to the individual , communities and humanity as a whole.

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