What is Steroids definition/concept/elaboration

Steroids are molecules that the body makes naturally. These substances have a very specific function : to regulate the action of nutrients and maintain water levels in the body. However, there are synthetic steroids, also known as anabolic steroids. These products are consumed in tablets, gels, creams or injectable preparations. Its artificial consumption has effects on testosterone, the male sex hormone.

Originally this substance was used clinically to treat some diseases, especially hypogonadism, a condition that affects the natural production of testosterone, as well as growth and sexuality. Over the years, steroids began to be used among some sportsmen, who consumed them to strengthen their muscles and thus achieve better results in competitions.

When steroids are absorbed by the body, cells take up nitrogen, which is accompanied by amino acids; these serve to regenerate muscle tissue faster. There are natural products that work as anabolics, for some plants that contain zinc or for food supplements aimed at increasing muscle. However, these substances should not be confused with synthetic anabolic steroids.

The consumption of anabolic steroids favors physical performance, but they have side effects on health

There are athletes who want to get good results at any price and are willing to consume all kinds of substances, including anabolic steroids. At first, its consumption strengthens the body in general: there is an increase in muscle mass, a greater capacity for physical work and a shorter recovery time.

Adherents to their consumption claim that these substances are beneficial to the body, as long as they are consumed with proper supervision and in a moderate manner.

The list of side effects is considerable: cardiovascular problems, high cholesterol levels, sexual dysfunction, kidney problems, fluid retention, hypertension , depression , hair loss, abnormal behavior , etc. In the case of women, its effects have several negative consequences: hair growth on the face, masculinization of the body, liver problems and psychological disorders.

A phenomenon related to the exaltation of the physical

In addition to the pros and cons of these substances, the phenomenon of steroids is directly related to the cult of the body, high competition in some sports and vigorexia.

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