What is Stationery definition/concept/elaboration

The stationery is a commercial establishment where articles related to paper are sold, as well as all kinds of office complements, such as: hole punch, stapler, ruler, rubber, etc. They also act as providers of teaching materials so that students can develop their academic training. For this reason, stationery stores are most often located near offices or schools.

Stationery as a business

To open one of these establishments you do not need any specific training or have any specific characteristics . You just need to be a person with an entrepreneurial spirit and have a pre-disposition to acquire a series of knowledge about the operation of the  business and the items that will be offered for sale.

In general, the essential for a stationery  business is the sale of school supplies, office supplies and, in some cases, the sale of computer supplies .

Many stationers also develop other lines of  business in parallel, such as selling gifts or books. These secondary lines tend to vary in importance according to the time of year, triggering their sales on specific dates such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Material supply is carried out with direct purchase from manufacturers through their commercial agents or through wholesalers (this last option is widely used by most stationery stores).

Like any other business it has its pros and cons.

Among the less favorable aspects is the fact that small independent establishments do not usually work with a very large profit margin , since for a stationery shop to be a profitable  business it is essential to maintain a high turnover, without ups and downs, throughout the year. For this, it is important to have a wide variety of products so that you can deal with the presence of different types of  demand, including schools, offices and other commercial  businesses.

Among the positive points, it is worth noting that to open a stationery store does not require large investments , nor is it necessary to have specific qualifications or specialized training. In addition, it is a  business that allows you to invoice all year, anywhere and at any time.

Anyway, it is interesting to point out that with the social change  related to new technologies, it has been proven that stationery is not a good  business and that they have a declining  demand, as paper has given way to computer screens .

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