What is Stage Fear definition/concept

There are different types of fear. Stage fright is what a person experiences when they feel exposed to what others are going to say. Actors and actresses experience this fear when they act in a play for the first time and suffer from the fear of making mistakes. Stage Fear

This type of fear related to public exposure can also be experienced when a person prepares a talk and is afraid to go blank or to receive negative criticism from the public.

a social phobia

This is another reason for anxiety that occurs in a person when facing an oral exam. This same fear happens at a job interview when the candidate knows its importance. Stage Fear

Faced with the pressure of stage fright, the individual blocks their potential, that is, their communication skills are diminished. Among the symptoms of this type of tension is mental exhaustion, that is, the difficulty to think clearly and maintain a high level of concentration.

Generalized feeling of nervousness that can cause nausea and anxiety. An upset stomach is frequent as a result of this anxiety, so it is likely that the person has the sensation of feeling a knot in the stomach that robs you of your appetite.

Stage fright makes this public speaking test an authentic challenge that the candidate often feels like running away from. Sometimes this type of panic is the result of a traumatic experience. Stage Fear

Measures to overcome stage fright

Some tools are very useful to overcome this fear, for example, when faced with a laugh therapy the person relaxes and de-stresses; through a public speaking course, the person acquires a good command of the language and thus trains the habit of public speaking; taking acting classes is also good practice for playing a role. Stage Fear

This fear is closely linked to social phobia . The person may even stutter as a result of this nervousness. The ideal is to encourage the practice of public speaking to normalize this type of situation and experience it more naturally. Of course, most people who speak in public when faced with any test feel a level of nervousness, yet stage fright is a negative block, a brake that controls a person and reduces their talent.

The person who has this kind of fear has high expectations and fears that he will not measure up to the circumstances. Stage Fear

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