What is Spreadsheet definition/concept

A spreadsheet, also called a spreadsheet, is a computer tool that serves to perform calculations, logical operations and data management . It is presented to the user as a set of columns and rows identified by letters and numbers respectively, which form cells. Its use is especially oriented to activities that require handling many calculations in parallel.

The basic operations a spreadsheet can use are: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. However, there is a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to functions that simplify a large set of more complex calculations. Through the quotation mark, for example, it is possible to have the average of a set of values ​​in a simple way. While in data management , it is possible to perform a pattern search that makes it possible to unite data from different spreadsheets.

From a logical point of view, a spreadsheet allows you to carry out small programs in relation to the management of calculations and data. Thus, various logical operations such as addition, separation, condition, etc., are common. Thanks to this versatility, it is possible to carry out activities that use a large set of variables.

Regarding data, current spreadsheets allow a query to different database engines. This allows you to cross data between different tables, work with them, etc.

The spreadsheet is an invention that has been around for decades. There were many variations on programs in charge of their execution, some with more success than others. However, it was Excel , a Microsoft implementation, responsible for popularizing this type of tool. In fact, the adoption of a suite like Office across the entire office was the biggest and surprising achievement. Thanks to this popularity, the use of this tool also expanded and meant an improvement in the time used for a certain type of occupation.

The use of spreadsheets has been an extremely important contribution to an office, which allows you to simplify a series of tasks that were previously tedious and difficult to redo, once an unexpected error was present. It is without a doubt a great leap in productivity in the area. In the future, for sure, it will have new relevant characteristics.

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