What is Sports Medicine definition/concept

The rise of sport is a global phenomenon. Millions of people from all countries, ages and social classes have become aware of the need to play a sport to improve their health and get better about themselves. Although sport is beneficial to our health, this practice can lead to some problems. Hence this new branch of medicine: Sports Medicine. This name is used in Brazil, as well as in Spain and throughout Europe.

This branch of medicine is focused on the study of the impact of sport on the body, whether internally or physically, mentally or hormonally.

What is it about and what is it dedicated to?

This medical specialty has three main undertakings: guide, prevent and cure. Thus, sports medicine makes recommendations on nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. In the field of administration, there are more and more specialists in this area to develop public health strategies that promote the practice of sports in the population as a whole.

Prevention is one of the keys to this type of medicine because it is always preferable to cure

Doctors specializing in sports medicine work to reduce the risk of injuries or health problems in the future. In this sense, some elite athletes receive messages as a preventive strategy to avoid possible injuries. A good diet is also another preventive measure, as a good diet helps muscle regeneration.

The cure is the last that this medicine offers. For various reasons, an athlete can get injured and that’s where the sports specialist comes in. Among the measures adopted, we can highlight the following: treatments for minor injuries (such as muscle strains or sprains), medium-term treatments that require rehabilitation exercises and longer and more complex treatments, where psychological therapy is needed to complement physical rehabilitation . In any case, the measures adopted have the objective that the athlete returns to having the ideal performance.

Sports medicine has a multidisciplinary dimension

The physician specializing in the health of athletes should be in contact with other professionals, such as physiotherapists, sports psychologists and nutritionists. Sports medicine is aimed at different levels: elite athletes, school sports, sports for the elderly or people with disabilities .

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