What is Solid Waste definition/concept

The economy is based on high consumption by individuals, those who live mostly in urban centers. This generates a significant volume of waste and garbage, that is, solid waste.

An important part of household waste contains elements and substances that pose risks to human health and the environment

Certain components are corrosive and can cause infections or incorporate toxic or flammable pollutants. The solid waste generated emits greenhouse gases and goes beyond the garbage originated in homes. In fact, there are industrial, hospital, toxic and radioactive residues or solid wastes.

To minimize the consequences of garbage created in the various activities human , governments and institutions must promote infrastructures for the management of solid waste.

There are three measures: reduce, reuse and recycle

Reducing solid waste means that the volume of waste from landfills has to decrease. For this, it is necessary that citizens collaborate reusing packaging and different materials through authorized containers close to their homes. Recycling would be the last strategy, where in some specialized plants a task of composting and transformation is performed.

The landfill as a place for the storage of garbage is a reality with less than 100 years, as until then there was no system to treat waste

Landfill is a partial solution, as the quality of the soil can deteriorate and it is a system that consumes a lot of territory. One of the alternatives is the incineration of waste, it being necessary to incorporate filter systems to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide expelled into the atmosphere . Both landfills and incineration have created the need for recycling as an effective, ecological and non-polluting response.

To address the problems related to solid waste, there is talk of comprehensive management. On the one hand, citizen awareness is one of the main factors. Furthermore, alternatives to traditional landfills should be promoted (in some Latin American  countries the word botadero is used). Transport and waste collection are also part of comprehensive management. This type of strategy needs to be activated locally so that when adding a set of actions, there is a global solution.

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