What is Solar Panel definition/concept

As its name implies, the solar panel is a technology that uses the sun as an energy source . There are three types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous. The first ones are made of a single crystal, the second ones are composed of thousands of crystals and the third ones don’t have a crystalline structure .

Fundamentals of solar panels

They are made of silicon, an element found on Earth in abundance, as it is extracted from silicon found in sand. Silicon has a particular property for energy production : it is a powerful semiconductor of electrical energy. On the other hand, the atomic composition makes it possible to achieve an electrical voltage.

Photovoltaic solar panels consist of several layers. The top layer is exposed to light and is formed by phosphor; the lower layer contains boron, a material that also facilitates the conduction of electrical energy. In this sense, the solar panel works as if it were a normal battery, since there is a negative charge with an excess of electrons and, on the other hand, a positive electrode that has a deficit of electrons. Solar Panel

From a technological point of view, solar panels produce electricity from the action of sunlight.

Advantages of photovoltaic solar energy and main uses

Its advantages are several. In the first place , it is a non – polluting, renewable energy and constant. As solar panels are silent, they do not produce  noise contamination. It is an excellent option for providing power to isolated areas. This energy source allows considerable savings (solar electricity is much more economical than that obtained by electric companies).

On the other hand, a house with solar panels becomes self-sufficient. Furthermore, these panels require low  maintenance. From an educational point of view, the use of this energy favors a responsible  attitude on the part of children. Solar Panel

Lastly, this technology is constantly improving and this causes many people to install their own solar panels.

With regard to their use, solar panels allow you to light a house, charge any device and on a larger scale can be used to provide lighting for a building or even the entire city. Solar Panel

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