What is Solar Oven definition/concept

The Earth is heated by the action of the Sun and this phenomenon allows the development of life on our planet. This form of energy is also an alternative to conventional cooking. Solar Oven

Solar ovens are parabolic in shape and inside are coated with a reflective material that facilitates the concentration of heat . They are generally made of recyclable aluminum where it is possible to cook or fry any type of food.

The concave part of the device causes the light rays to come together in a single point, becoming the focus of maximum heat intensity.

The solar oven is not intended to be a definitive alternative to stoves or glass-ceramics, but it is still a viable option for those people who want to live with more ecological criteria and using clean energy . These ovens have already proven their effectiveness in some territories where there was massive deforestation and residents needed some source of energy to cook. Solar Oven

Advantages and disadvantages

This modality of food preparation is healthy and totally ecological. It is an environmentally friendly alternative , as it does not use gas, charcoal, firewood or any other type of fuel. On the other hand, it is easy to use and its price in the market is quite affordable.

It only has two disadvantages: the logical dependence on the Sun and the cooking time of food is superior to conventional systems. Solar Oven

Basic safety and usage measures

To use this type of oven you need to take some steps. In the first place , stabilize it firmly on the ground, either in the garden or backyard. Then direct it to the sun and fix the appliance. When the sun shines on it, place the pot or pan where the food will be cooked.

It is recommended that the pots or pans used are black in color. Typically, these ovens reach a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

As in any other food-related circumstance, children need to stay away during preparations. Solar Oven

To place pots or pans, it is necessary to protect your hands.

For cooking, the device must not be dazzled in the eyes and for this reason the appliance must be placed in a position that has minimal reflection. During the cooking process it is recommended to wear sunglasses to avoid any glare.

When the appliance is not in use, it is advisable to switch it off and put it down.

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