What is Social well being/meaning/concept

The term social well-being refers to the full satisfaction of the basic, cultural and economic needs of a community. This circumstance links social development with economic development so that only from these expectations society can be fulfilled. However, economic development alone is not enough for social well-being to be full, as human beings need time for rest, leisure and full interpersonal relationships so that they can develop their full potential. In fact, developed societies have a large amount of goods and services available to the population, but each individual seems to lack the necessary time to enjoy this circumstance. Social well being

It can be said, in the first instance, that social welfare has increased over time. Thus, the life expectancy of today’s society has grown a lot compared to the previous one. The world economy grows relentlessly over time, despite the usual economic cycles providing wealth of goods and services to respond to the needs of contemporary man. Immediately related to this circumstance, current technological development has reached levels that seemed impossible decades ago. As a consequence of this last fact, distances and time seem to have shortened with the possibility of being on the other side of the planet in a few hours or with the possibility of communication that involves the five senses, also covering long distances. Social well being

However, man has shown throughout history a dissatisfaction with his prodigious achievements. Proof of this are the various philosophical systems, the currents of psychology and the great works of art. In fact, it seems that the development of material possibilities was not enough to meet the well-being of society. This circumstance happens mainly because man’s needs go beyond what is simply material, reach an effective level of union and constant search for others, a circumstance that is often seen to be truncated and which implies habitual restlessness. That’s why today, any approach that intends to offer an improvement in well-being must be based on measures that create an environment of increased confidence and better coexistence . Social well being

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