What is Social State definition/concept

The role of the state is to ensure compliance with the law. In this sense we speak of the so-called rule of law. Social State

In addition to maintaining legality, the state aims to protect the rights of citizens. For this reason, most national constitutions specify that the state is a social and legal institution.

the social dimension of the state

The concept of social state is intended to correct the social and economic inequalities typical of capitalism. For this to be possible, it is necessary that public institutions promote measures to improve the living conditions of all citizens.

The liberal state and the social state

The liberal state concept is focused on the following principles: protection of individual rights, guarantee of private property, protection of civil liberties (eg freedom of expression and the right to vote) and an economic system based on the laws of supply and demand . The ideology that supports this view of the state is liberalism. According to liberal approaches, the state has a fundamental role: to protect the freedom of citizens and ensure security .

The social state conception seeks to overcome the limitations of the liberal state vision. Thus, the welfare state intends to guarantee individual freedoms and, at the same time, it is necessary to intervene so that the population as a whole has access to a series of social services, especially those related to education , health and housing. State institutions must organize themselves so that there is social cohesion and equality of opportunity. The ideology that defends this vision of the state is democratic socialism.

In most constitutions of the western world, principles of liberalism and political philosophy inspired by socialism are collected.

The welfare state is based on state intervention in some sectors of the economy and society.

In the social state, economic activity cannot depend exclusively on the laws of the market. Consequently, based on the social state approach, the need to intervene in all contexts with which situations of social shortages and economic inequalities occur is defended. The purpose of this vision of the state is to guarantee a dignified life for citizens.

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