What is Social Skills definition/concept

The human being is born alone and dies alone as an individual being. However, on his way around the world, the person shares moments of life with many other traveling companions. Personal relationships would be impossible if it weren’t for these social skills, which are fundamental to practicing friendship, companionship , family, neighborhood ties, among others.

Social skills are trained. In fact, we feel paralyzed when we are isolated and disconnected from others for a while. And how do we train? Through a simple way: sharing moments of encounter, that is, enjoying the company of others.

Five requirements of social skills

1. Empathy. This quality is an essential virtue for connecting with someone else’s point of view that may be different from your own. It means understanding that this person has their own story. Social Skills

2. Otherness. When we are in a monologue state , we are stuck with our own inner truth. However, to practice these social skills, we must be open to change and be part of the other person’s world. It is recognizing the other as someone different from you and thus giving more meaning to your own identity.

3. Communication . Communication can go beyond words, as sometimes the message can be expressed through body language . For example, when a person dies, it is common for those close to them to show sympathy for their grief through a silent presence and hugs. Communication facilitates mutual understanding under any circumstances. Social Skills

4. Kindness. Being kind to someone means making your life more pleasant thanks to their company.

5. Active listening. There is a big difference between listening and listening, however, to put social skills into practice it is very important to be a good listener because there is nothing better than being valued by the other listening to their stories.

Leadership is the great social skill

Each person has a specific strength, something that stands out. However, there is one skill that is especially valued these days: leadership. The leader is an example of social intelligence , because thanks to his charisma, he interacts with the group and acts as a mediator between everyone.

But all social skills are important, as they enable the great miracle of living harmoniously with others.

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