What is Social Pedagogy definition/concept

Pedagogy is the science that deals with education in general. The pedagogue is knowledgeable in all aspects related to training and the educational world, such as learning techniques, school organization, project development, professional guidance, support programs, development of teaching materials, among other functions. Social Pedagogy

branches of pedagogy

The field of study of this discipline is quite wide. Thus, the human resources department of companies has pedagogical principles (this is business pedagogy). In relation to sport , there is sport pedagogy. When students need to overcome difficulties in the learning process, they need the help of a therapeutic pedagogue. Other branches are psychopedagogy, digital and social pedagogy.

The fundamental idea of ​​social pedagogy

In most societies there are problems and maladjustments that affect the most disadvantaged sectors in a very special way. Extreme poverty, school dropouts, street violence and lack of professional expectations are circumstances that are directly related to the most humble groups . Social pedagogy is precisely the discipline that tries to correct all circumstances that negatively affect the most disadvantaged groups and, in particular, children.

Social pedagogy is based on a general principle: for there to be a change in  society, it is necessary to incorporate educational strategies that facilitate social transformation. In other words, there is no social change without education.

Based on social pedagogy, harsh criticisms of conventional educational approaches are carried out

For professionals in this area, what is important is that education should be understood as a tool to transform  society and not as a system to legitimize social class differences . In this sense, the proposed training model is based on teaching contents that promote the integral development of the student.

To achieve this goal, the student must feel integrated into a community and teaching resources and learning methods must be directly related to their social context.

In practice, the pedagogues of this current try to prevent conflicts, correct deficiencies in the socialization of individuals and favor the reintegration of those who suffer from some form of  social exclusion.

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